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WFT is moving!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I am currently in the process of moving everything to its own dedicated home. There will be a new launch at the first of the year!




Sorry for the delay of shipping everyone! The United States Postal Service decided to take their time delivering my prepaid international envelopes! Hopefully those arrive today and I can mail your requests :]

I will be back soon with news on the next issue which is currently in the idea and design phase!




Shipping this Friday!

The drafts are done, edited and ready to begin printing. Shelflife Records and Fraction Discs will be shipping out a free copy with each order!

I hope to mail the copies off to them this Friday as well as those of you who requested one via email to!


It’s a warm summer day here in Ohio (79°F/26°C) and the publication is coming along rather nicely. Having never done anything like this before I’m more and more pleased with each result!

We at the newsroom are still looking for anyone who would like to submit a song to the Wishful Thinking compilation! Please send all inquiries to !

New Air France track!

Go check it out @ !


to the new home  of ‘Wishful Thinking‘!

The very first issue is set to be released just in time for ‘Pop Mayhem‘ @ Gainesville FL. August 14th – 16th!

I don’t want to give away to much but I’ll give a two-word hint for what’s in store in the first issue. “Air France” ;]

Keep checking back for news and updates!

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